04 Jun 2019

Case Study – RENFE

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Renfe Operadora, the main Spanish railway operator has been the victim vandalism by graffiti artists defacing one of its stations (Arenys de Mar, Barcelona). This anti-social behaviour has cost Renfe more than 16 million euros, according to data from last year.
To eradicate this issue and given the strategic location of this station which makes it prone to incidents of this nature and to prevent any recurrence Renfe needs a perimeter security support device.  
DAVANTIS has supplied a surveillance solution, both in terms of technology and security, to prevent this from happening again. The mission is to act quickly in the face of an intrusion.
In terms of technology, DAVANTIS used its Daview LR solution with four channels, and all the cameras in the perimeter of the railway station were linked. Four thermal cameras were installed to cover the longest sections, and visible cameras were used for perpendicular entrances on each side of the station, directly from the tracks, as the detection range was much smaller.

To streamline alarm verification, Daview AMS alarm control software was installed in the Control Centre to speed up response times to incidents, while coordinating with physical surveillance on the site.
The Daview AMS server acts as a conventional receiver and gives total control over the site, integrating with the main alarm management software programmes.

We talked to David López, Project Manager at RENFE, who told us: “The Davantis video analysis system gives traditional CCTV an added value, implementing a reliable early detection system that improves security levels on our assets in complex situations.




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