10 Jan 2023

Making secure spaces with Casmar

Casmar seguridad

We’ve worked on hundreds of perimeter security projects together, guaranteeing the highest standards of protection with the latest-generation technology. Learn more! We’ve been working with Casmar for more than 15 years, helping companies to achieve their security goals. It’s a pleasure to have a distributor that shares our corporate values and vision of security, making it a pleasure to collaborate with Javier Martínez, sales director at Casmar.

Casmar is an installer that offers global solutions in all security areas, from installing security cameras and fire detection systems to site access control and intruder detection. With over 45 years in the market, our partner has a remarkable capacity to take on security challenges and design systems to meet all its customers’ needs.

From residential and industrial solutions to critical infrastructures, Casmar is experienced at using our technology in its solutions, making it an expert in video analytics. Thanks to this committed, expert distributor, together we cover the security needs of a wide range of companies. The main objective? Fewer false alarms and maximum adaptability.

Versatility and compatibility with our video analytics systems are important criteria for Casmar in offering DAVANTIS. DFUSION’s extensive range is totally flexible and adapts to different-sized projects. “Our alliance with DAVANTIS goes beyond technology to the suppliers who work with us on every project, maximising security criteria through advanced configurations and good practices to ensure total effectiveness”, said Javier.

DAVANTIS is delighted to collaborate with Casmar, a distributor committed to the highest protection and security values. Casmar is committed to the latest generation technologies, relying on perimeter security as the main weapon to prevent unwanted intrusions. That’s why we work together on proactive detection and deterrent measures to keep intruders out rather than just logging and filming them.

Here’s to Casmar, for travelling the road with DAVANTIS and addressing these challenges with professionalism and quality! Here’s to a great future together!

DFUSION is a massive improvement when it comes to false alarms… This advanced deep-learning-based system is 100% reliable and reduces these false positives to the absolute minimum

Javier Martínez, Sales Director of Casmar





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