06 Apr 2018

DAVANTIS installs thermal sensors in the test tracks of Applus+ IDIADA

Circuito Applus

The Applus+ IDIADA test tracks now have DAVANTIS video analytics for detecting vehicles presence in the braking area and ensure the privacy of automotive manufacturers when carrying out trials and approval tests on these reputable facilities.

This leading company, which provides design, engineering, testing and approval services for the automobile industry, engaged DAVANTIS to provide efficient protection for its high-level facilities which, in addition to specialised laboratories, features a 5,533 m test track where it carries out tests on vehicle braking, speed and noise levels.

The DAVANTIS video analytics system is installed in thermal cameras in the test tracks. A powerful solution, that provides excellent perimeter protection, with innovative technology adapted to the facilities’ needs; an effective security system and a top-notch solution for an internationally recognised site. The Applus+ IDIADA test circuit was officially opened in 1994 and is the most comprehensive in Europe, with a first-class test circuit designed to easily monitor all vehicles on the track.





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