26 Oct 2022

EQUINOR: Maximum security with video analytics

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EQUINOR is one of the world’s largest publicly owned companies with a global portfolio of projects in oil and gas production, distribution, and marketing. This Norwegian company is committed to international sustainability and CO2 emissions reduction and is a pioneer in the energy transition. A leading gas and oil producer and distributor it is present in more than 30 countries, including Europe, which is presently in the throes of an energy crisis.

Equinor uses our video analytics for perimeter security systems to protect its offshore and terrestrial facilities. One example is the Equinor Kollsnes gas processing plant in Bergen, in western Norway. The facility is near the sea where weather conditions are extreme, so it needed a high performing surveillance system suited to the surroundings to ensure high detection standards. A high rate of unwanted alarms caused by wind, rain, thick fog, and wild animals in the vicinity was hindering efficient incident management at the operations centre, leading to high operating costs and the risk of intruders penetrating the site perimeter.

Thanks to our installer partner Focus Security and after analysing the site, Equinor is now protected by our DFUSION and DFUSIONPRO intelligent video analytics systems. DAVANTIS video analytics software integrates seamlessly with other VSM platforms, providing security guards with immediate access to real-time images, and allowing them to make smart decisions about how to proceed. The plant now has a robust, fully integrated CCTV camera surveillance system which has led to a drastic reduction in unwanted alarms.

Once again, our DFUSION software and its two detection engines have proven their ability to detect and reduce unwanted alarms, transforming any type of cctv monitoring and perimeter security system into a smart, efficient solution.

Would you like more information about managing perimeter security with video analytics for electricity and gas plants? Looking for a smart technological solution for more precise detections and fewer false positives? Try DFUSION!

After performance-testing the solution, and subsequently implementing it, we can see a significant improvement in the accuracy and reliability of the solution. Operational security is important to EQUINOR and we have been impressed with the results.

Oddvar Dalva, Security Advisor, Equinor
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