16 Jan 2024

Expanding Horizons: DAVANTIS and Majees Collaboration

Majees chooses DFUSION video analytics

DAVANTIS is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovative security solutions. Our recent partnership with Majees, based in Oman, exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge video analysis solutions that effectively secure critical infrastructure, particularly in oil, energy, and gas facilities.

Majees: A Leader in Technological Security Solutions

Majees, a prominent player in the technological security solutions arena, brings a wealth of experience to the table, solidifying its position as a market leader. This collaboration is crucial in addressing the various challenges associated with perimeter security in crucial sectors.

Pioneering Security with DFUSION

Majees prioritizes security innovation, implementing DFUSION, DAVANTIS’ intelligent video analysis solution, in oil, energy, and gas facilities. Priyesh Melath, Majees’ Commercial Director, emphasizes their choice of DAVANTIS for the most innovative technological solution on the market.

Proactive Defense: DAVANTIS’ Intelligent Solutions

The effectiveness of DAVANTIS’ intelligent video analysis solutions is evident in transforming surveillance systems into proactive, real-time intruder detection mechanisms. This collaboration marks a significant stride in fortifying critical infrastructure against potential threats.


Priyesh Maleth, Sales Manager at Majees

From Trial to Triumph: DFUSION’s Success Story

The journey from a trial deployment in a critical facility to the successful implementation of DFUSION over several months underscores its performance and adaptability. Priyesh Melath confirms, “We evaluate product quality. We worked with all major brands, evaluating DAVANTIS, and false alarms decreased.” This real-world testing in diverse scenarios solidified DFUSION’s reputation for reliability and effectiveness.

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Security

Given Majees’ multi-service character, the technology chosen needed to seamlessly integrate with various control platforms and hardware, making DFUSION an ideal choice. The technology’s responsiveness and precision have resulted in the successful execution of numerous perimeter security projects.

Celebrating Collaboration: DAVANTIS and Majees

At DAVANTIS, we take pride in our active collaboration with Majees, appreciating a team that shares our commitment to quality and technology, consistently striving for maximum customer satisfaction. This partnership not only underscores our dedication to global security but also reinforces our mission to push the boundaries of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions.

For a hassle-free technological solution, choose DAVANTIS

Priyesh Melath, Sales Manager at Majees



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