05 Oct 2022

DAVANTIS in rural areas and on farms

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Unsurprisingly, designing video surveillance systems to protect the perimeters in the countryside can be challenging. Perimeter security for farms far from urban areas requires specific solutions that guarantee maximum protection and precision in detecting intruders. This was a priority for Fruits Secs Cortal. This company produces and sells shelled pine kernels, a very valuable type of nut. Find out why DFUSION is an unbeatable option for outdoor perimeter protection!

Located in the l’Empordà district, in a rural farming area in the province of Girona, Fruits Secs Cortal needs extensive security coverage to protect the hectares surrounding its handling and processing plant.

Due to its location, animals often stray onto the area. What’s more, the orography and the absence of buildings in the surroundings mean that there are strong winds and significantly different winter and summer temperatures. These variables make a video analytics system that can be adapted to the surroundings with customised settings crucial to prevent false alarms from being triggered.

Fruit Secs Cortal wanted an effective system to replace an outdated video surveillance installation continuously triggered by wild animals and adverse weather conditions.

How to design an installation that minimises false alarms, reduces installation costs and never misses a detection

Our installer partner, Telecta, opted for DFUSION software, with smart video analytics technology that guarantees high levels of protection and security to companies in rural areas. Two detection engines working in tandem substantially reduce false alarms.

It is easy to integrate with other manufacturers’ hardware and is fully compatible with alarm management platforms (CMS, VMS, PSIM), maximising security standards with alarm monitoring through an alarm receiving centre and a combination of deterrents in strategic zones.

Want the best video analytics solution for your outdoor perimeter security projects? Check out our success case for rural and farming areas for more details about the installation!

Our premises are in a rural area where outdoor security has proven to be complex and expensive. However, thanks to this collaboration between Telecta and DAVANTIS, we now have an accurate, robust system that gives us peace of mind and a security system we can rely on

Jaume Rigau, Security Advisor
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