14 Feb 2024

DIFUSION, a safe bet for AAS clients

AAS Seguridad - Incendio

The commitment to technology is the DNA of the security installation company AAS Seguridad & Incendio. In order to meet the needs of its clients, AAS relies on our intelligent video analysis solutions. “Innovation, technology, and everything related to AI, such as video analytics in this case, has advanced to this day with teams like DFUSION, which have allowed us to reduce the maximum number of false alarms and sleep more peacefully,” says Luis Miralles, CEO of AAS Seguridad.

AAS Seguridad adapts to all types of clients

AAS’s clients are very diverse, and therefore, they must provide versatile technological solutions. Solutions capable of addressing security challenges posed by all kinds of locations. Our partner relies on DFUSION’s video analysis to protect the perimeter of various installations. AAS designs projects for medium-sized companies, industrial warehouses, residential homes, and even critical infrastructures. This is a significant challenge as the design of a CCTV surveillance installation involves many variables.

Guidance in all project phases

DAVANTIS stands out for its ability to provide guidance and support at all times. We address any doubts or needs to maximize security mechanisms through customized configurations. “Any security company working with DAVANTIS today can fully trust that any project to the end customer can bet on DAVANTIS, have an agent who will have a response behind the installers… a solution, and as I say, a 24/7,” emphasizes Luis Miralles.

Maximum compatibility

DFUSION is an excellent video analysis solution that provides an unparalleled response to the sector’s demands. It is versatile and compatible with any device. It also integrates with most alarm management software such as VMS, PSIM, and CRAs. Its high capacity and efficiency in early detection of intruders allow addressing any security challenge. With artificial intelligence-based algorithms, DFUSION ensures a drastic reduction in false alarms and broad detection coverage. Our solutions work even in adverse weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, or low-light environments. Its ability to adapt to long distances ensures optimal performance. Therefore, AAS chooses DFUSION as optimal technology for projects seeking maximum security efficiency.

A reliable partner

The collaboration between DAVANTIS and AAS goes back several years. We have actively participated in various perimeter security projects, designing and implementing CCTV surveillance systems. Our alliance focuses on meeting the highest standards of quality and precision. In each shared project, we combine strengths to create a committed team to achieve the best possible results. Our goal? Ensuring the satisfaction of the end customer.

At DAVANTIS, we are pleased to have an installer partner like AAS Seguridad & Incendio. Both the professional and personal trajectory of Luis and the AAS team have contributed to enriching our relationship year after year. We look forward to continuing to build together a future of ongoing collaboration.

DFUSION has allowed us to minimize the maximum number of false alarms and sleep more peacefully

Luis Miralles, CEO of AAS Seguridad
Testimonio Luís Miralles AAS



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