26 Jul 2021

New partner in the USA: A Total Solution

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The constant technological search for video analytics solutions for security and perimeter protection has prompted A Total Solution to join our network of international partners. As a result, DAVANTIS is celebrating a new business alliance with an industry-leading company in the United States. Their daily commitment to providing their customers with the most effective video security solutions to ensure total satisfaction is at the core of the partnership between the two companies.

There is no doubt that the United States is one of the most fertile markets for security services, which is why DAVANTIS is building a strong network of security integrator partners that allows us to offer our smart video analytics solutions for perimeter security in North America. Thanks to the versatility and compatibility of our solutions with all hardware manufacturers and control centres – VMS and PSIM  – both DFUSION and DAVIEW have become established as perfect perimeter security systems for any CCTV installation.

A Total Solution (ATS) has been installing and managing security systems in the United States for more than 30 years, effectively protecting thousands of facilities of all kinds, from private homes, businesses, and industries to critical infrastructures, and much more.

“Total customer satisfaction is our priority”, say the people at ATS. They know that a video analytics solution significantly reduces false alarms and ensures the maximum detection against intruders and sabotage, which is a high priority for ATS to maintain its high-quality standards.

Our DFUSION Deep-Learning-based technology won ATS over after extensive testing of real-world facilities.

Brad Ragghianti summed up the results of integrating DAVANTIS solutions with its security services portfolio in one sentence:

“DAVANTIS gives customers all-round customer security and perimeter detection solution by ensuring full integration with any existing video security equipment. This compatibility provides exceptional value while minimising unnecessary costs for our customers.”

Dramatically reducing false alarms and managing more installations with fewer resources, DFUSION provides an efficient video analytics solution that maximises customer ROI. DAVANTIS is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration, offering ATS customers the best perimeter security service and superior video analytics technology for the early detection of intruders in outdoor perimeters. Welcome ATS!



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