05 Nov 2020

DAVANTIS helps out state primary schools by donating IT equipment

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During the lockdown, all Spain’s schools and colleges were put on hold, and it quickly became clear that students would all need computers to enable them to keep up with their education using virtual means.

To encourage interest in technology and to ensure that students in need had the equipment they needed to get them through this period, DAVANTIS launched a social initiative whereby they would donate computers to several schools in the province of Barcelona.

One of the schools to receive this computer equipment is the “El Sol i la Lluna” in Castellar del Vallès, which has more than 350 students. On 6 November, DAVANTIS delivered 25 computers to the school managers and digital strategy team, who took over assigning and distributing the equipment where it was needed most, all to give students and teachers better access to technology and streamline the learning process.



The El Sol i la Lluna school – named in honour of the sun and moon characters of a popular Catalan tradition – has been teaching for more than a decade, taking a globalised approach through classroom work by using all available resources, digital tools and programming language.  The school currently has three groups of infant pupils and eleven primary groups, each with an average of 25 students per group. However, like the other schools in Spain, students have been reorganised into learning communities of 15 to 18 students per teacher to be able to give lessons in COVID-19-safe conditions, speeding up the learning processes by providing more closely tailored, fair education.

The school is grateful for this gesture and DAVANTIS is pleased to be able to participate in these types of activities that drive the company’s commitment to society.

“This donation opens up new opportunities for us! It has increased the number of computers per group, which means being able to further diversity proposals, catering for different learning speeds and levels with additional resources for searching for and managing information for classroom projects. It means we can improve skills in different areas and subjects, way beyond digital competency! On behalf of the entire educational community, thank you!”, said Gloria Rincón, School Director.  

The computer equipment has been permanently donated to the school, and the DAVANTIS initiative will stay active to keep providing opportunities to those who need them most and cover the existing digital gap. We know that there are many more schools and colleges in need of computer equipment, so we will continue to collaborate with this initiative.



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