28 Jun 2021

New Partner in the USA – Acadian Monitoring

Blog Partner Arcadian

DAVANTIS is constantly expanding into the United States thanks to its close collaboration with local partners. An excellent example of our international expansion is the incorporation of the company Acadian Monitoring as an Official Partner in order to improve intruder detection using our smart video analytics software, which also reduces false alarms in perimeter security installations.

Acadian Monitoring has a prestigious track record in the management and monitoring of remote CCTV security systems. The success of the operation is contingent on having video analytics software that is not only effective but also streamlines integration with leading hardware manufacturers and all CRA, VMS and PSIM software. By integrating DAVANTIS’ artificial intelligence-based solutions, the monitoring services offered by Acadian maximise results and reduce operational and installation costs.

Video surveillance operator Acadian Monitoring is a leading name in the security sector. Based in the city of Lafayette (Louisiana) but present in several locations, Acadian manages and monitors all types of facilities ranging from industrial surveillance, logistics centres, companies, and many more.

With our video analysis software in Acadian Monitoring, clients are enjoying a more than 90% reduction in false alarms and security guards can access and check images as needed. Both Acadian Monitoring and DAVANTIS are committed to efficiency and quality standards in perimeter security. Our collaboration combines the experience and professionalism of Acadian Monitoring with the latest technology by DAVANTIS.

We are pleased to announce that Acadian Monitoring is our latest monitoring partner in the USA, now providing video monitoring services of DAVANTIS video analytics devices. Acadian Monitoring Services go above and beyond to ensure that their people, services and technologies are certified to exceed industry standards. For more information please call the Acadian Sales team at 844-652-3093. DAVANTIS is delighted to have partners like Acadian Monitoring in the United States.



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