27 Jun 2023

Our new talent for the team

New talent in our team

The family has grown with new members Alex Espada, Oriol Marión and Jose María García. At DAVANTIS, we never stop moving, developing new solutions and perfecting our artificial intelligence-based video analytics technology. That’s why our Human Resources department is looking for new talent for our team to grow our family.

One example of this talent is Alex Espada, a Microcomputer and Network System student. Alex is enthusiastic, and his knowledge and willingness to learn have earned him a spot in our Quality Assurance (AQ) team. Alex will help us ensure the quality of our processes and solutions with all his skills.

Also coming on board is Oriol Marión, an IT student who is with us under our collaboration agreement with the University of Barcelona (UAB), which gives IT students an opportunity to hone their skills and gain some experience to add to their résumés. Oriol has joined the team to share his knowledge and desire to learn.

And last but not least, Jose María García. He’s a student of Microcomputer Systems and Networks and he’ll do his internship in our production team.

If you are looking for the best place to showcase your talent… Send your CV to DAVANTIS! Join our company!

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