25 Apr 2023

New integration Alarm Center by SIS

Integration Alarm Center SIS Video Analytics

At DAVANTIS, we want all our clients to have total freedom when designing security systems. That is why our video analytics solutions integrate with countless CRA, PSIM, and VSM systems, and with all brands of hardware on the market. This time, we have integrated DFUSION with the SIS Alarm Center security platform. Is Alarm Center part of your integrated security management system? Try DFUSION and raise your system’s security standards!

Alarm Center is a modular, scalable security software platform for centralised data and alarm management. That entails simultaneous monitoring and managing events generated by numerous systems. DAVANTIS video analytics systems connect to this platform to send data and video clips, generating events when it detects intruders or suspicious activities.

This compatible technology enables our video solution to optimise verification processes and events management received by surveillance teams. DFUSION technology, with a dual detection engine, significantly reduces false positives to optimise operating costs.

Our solution has 2 detection engines to stop from security breaches. At last you will have efficient video analytics. We offer maximum detection and minimum false alarms in perimeter security with highly advanced artificial intelligence based technology.

If you use the SIS software in your CCTV security installations, you will find integrating our smart video analytics technology easier than ever. Try it and see!

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