01 Jul 2022

Spotlight on the DFUSION integration with GJD IP lighting systems

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It’s a well-known fact that multi-mode deterrent measures significantly improve the efficiency of all types of perimeter security system and reduce operating costs. Operators rely on integrated range of security and surveillance technologies to detect, assess, and respond to threats faster. DAVANTIS advocates for combining video analytics with deterrents to repel trespassers. These include IP LED floodlights and loudspeakers, which have a critical role as a first line of security against trespassers and wildlife in rural areas. Did you know that DAVANTIS collaborates with top security hardware manufacturers to ensure seamless integration with the full gamut of state-of-the art IP loudspeakers and security lighting solutions?

We are delighted to announce the completion of our GJD IP security lighting integration with our video analytics technology to improve accuracy and efficiency in the early intruder detection. GJD security lighting is the ideal deterrent to decrease incidents during the detection phase. These high-spec LED lights provide extremely sharp images of both people and objects and provide both white and infra-red light for accurate detection.

GJD has been designing and installing security, lighting and ANPR systems solutions for more than 32 years, delivering innovative appliances based on state-of-the-art technology. Its IP lighting equipment is a clear example of this, since deter, detect and prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your site. Integrating our video analytics solutions with GJD IP floodlights adds an effect layer of deterrent security to any video security installation. How does it work? Our video analysis systems enable you to remotely activate floodlights on any incident detected by the analytics system.>

Integrating and combining DFUSION’s powerful video analytics technology with GJD IP lighting makes any perimeter security system more efficient and effective. The combo harnesses the potential of a video analysis system that processes and analyses video to detect all people and objects that appear, filtering out irrelevant details and clearly highlighting objects and people of interest. In the meantime, security floodlights provide clear footage of people, animals and vehicles and act as a deterrent.
Learn how to integrate GJD IP floodlights with our video analytics systems. Maximise your perimeter security system with DFUSION!

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