28 Jan 2022

DFUSION integration with ADAM input and output modules

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CCTV video surveillance security systems are made up of hardware devices that enhance detection and dissuasion, and streamline remote supervision of security staff.

DAVANTIS offers a comprehensive advisory service, assisting customers throughout the process, from initial design to commissioning the installation. To do this, we provide numerous ways for our customers to communicate with us so they feel supported and secure at all times. Our video analytics for perimeter security solutions are compatible with the most devices on the market. This time, we would like to highlight are compatibility with ADAM Ethernet input and output modules by Advantech.

Smart relay integration enables us to provide the most effective perimeter protection security systems with optional IP connection. Our teams have integrated the ADAM 6050 and ADAM 6060 devices to enable a choice of input and output configurations. This integration optimises costs optimisation because the relays can activate deterrents such as sirens or beacons in case of detection, particularly on sites with extensive perimeters such as solar farms where wiring cameras is very costly. This integration via IP makes it possible to send relay signals through the same network as the cameras. Our DFUSION and DAVIEW solutions integrate seamlessly with the IP network connectable module.

This IP module also has output relays (switches), which allow DAVANTIS to enable/disable (balance) relays as required by means of commands sent over the IP network. The integration of remote ADAM relays with smart video analytics systems further automates protocols and activates external signals, among other advantages.

DAVANTIS supplies a broad range of video analytics systems which integrate fully with all types of alarm management software, CMS, VMS and PSIM, and are 100% compatible with hardware from all manufacturers, such as the Ethernet ADAM I/O modules by Advantech.

Our mission is clear: to keep fine tuning our technology systems to satisfy our customers’ expectations and needs. Learn about our DFUSION solutions here!

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