01 Mar 2023

Dahua IP speakers, new integration with DFUSION

Integración altavoces Dahua y DFUSION

More and more CCTV installations have integrated deterrent measures in their perimeter security systems to improve the level of protection. IP speakers, LED floodlights and other devices are extremely useful for implementing deterrent strategies and optimising security staff costs.

At DAVANTIS, we always recommend combining deterrents with our video analytics systems since they offer significant advantages for the supervision and security of an installation. Of course, DFUSION technology integrates seamlessly with different devices, such as, in this case, Dahua VCS-SH30 IP speakers.

To raise security levels, our developers have integrated these IP speakers, allowing these devices to play audio messages in response to an alert and with pre-set rules and events.

Through images captured by CCTV cameras, our video analytics systems detect intruders and activate audio warnings through an IP speaker system, ordering the trespasser to leave the premises. Moreover, this integration includes an option to control access to restricted areas by activating personalised audio messages when an unauthorised person enters a specific area.

Dahua IP speakers feature different functions to improve security, including broadcasting emergency messages in critical situations.

Let’s have a look at how IP speakers and smart video analytics systems can improve security systems:

Audio from alarm receiving centres: as soon as the video analytics system detects an intruder, the ARC receives the alarm and the operator uses DAVANTIS Click-ThuTM technology to react instantly. The speakers immediately broadcast audio messages to send the intruders packing.

Automatic audios: integrations with IP speakers make it possible to play pre-set audio messages automatically in response to identified, classified images analysed with video analytics systems. For example, if a CCTV camera detects someone approaching a restricted area, the system can broadcast a recorded message ordering them to leave the area immediately.

Cost optimisation: integration with IP devices facilitates installation and maintenance processes, saving hours of labour, as well as reducing material costs, such as wiring.

Integrating our perimeter video analytics technology with these deterrent IP speakers creates an optimal system, combining the benefits of both technologies with the objective of achieving integral security strategies. Strengthen your perimeter security system by combining DFUSION with IP speakers!

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