23 Mar 2022

DFUSION integration with TOA loudspeakers

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Did you know that deterrents can improve the efficiency of your video surveillance system? Manufacturers and installers are always upgrading their perimeter protection control systems by combining and integrating all types of security solutions. The security systems that protect long perimeters around large sites consist of layers of technologies that include deterrents, security bars and barriers combined with security cameras. All this equipment needs to be correctly integrated with a smart video security system to give real-time access to images and raise the alarm when appropriate.

DAVANTIS knows about strength in numbers. That’s why we make our video analytics solution compatible and integrable with alarm management software such as CRA, VMS and PSIM by all hardware manufacturers. And now, installations that use TOA loudspeakers are even easier to integrate with our video analytics system for maximum security and reliability.

Combining our video analysis systems with these networked (IP) loudspeakers enables operators to automatically broadcast deterrent messages from remote locations over an IP network. Immediately the video analysis system sends an event, operators can programme and automate audio messages to deter unauthorised visitors. IP security devices such as networked (IP) loudspeakers are a clear qualitative improvement. They reduce alarm management costs by activating voice messages whenever security breaches are detected, further enhanced by our solution that reduces false alarms.

TOA loudspeakers have several advantages, dissuading intruders by activating voice alerts and other audio messages. They are suitable for installation indoors and outdoors, withstanding all weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). Their high-quality components make them efficient and dependable. Combining these loudspeakers and DFUSION considerably improves the value of perimeter security systems.

Effective perimeter protection systems combine physical components with smart video analysis software to guarantee the early detection of security breaches to activate real alarms. DAVANTIS knows that’s what makes an excellent security system. Our high quality, efficient DFUSION video analytics software uses algorithms to merge the appearance and movement of images for incredibly accurate detection while avoiding non-detections. Our system processes more images per second uninterruptedly, filtering out false alarms with maximum precision, optimising costs and streamlining the work of surveillance teams.

DAVANTIS is a 360º technology partner, offering specialised, end-to-end solutions to the security sector with products that adapt to all site types. Our video analysis systems integrate with deterrents such as IP loudspeakers and automatic floodlights, reinforcing any perimeter security installation. The use of deterrent tactics and hardware can reduce the number of intrusions by a massive 73.4%. Learn how to integrate TOA loudspeakers with DFUSION!


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