23 Mar 2022

New Thermal Camera Integration: Hikvision and Thermtec


DAVANTIS stays abreast of hardware innovations launched by leading CCTV camera and deterrent device manufacturers such as loudspeakers, floodlights and more. This time, our technical team has made our software compatible with the latest ThermTec and Hikvision Heat Pro cameras. These cameras and DFUSION video analysis systems are perfectly compatible. That means that installers can easily design smart perimeter security systems for early security breach detection while drastically reducing false alarms.

Combining these CCTV cameras with our video analytics software has been proven to raise accuracy and efficiency standards. This improves monitoring and increases the level of protection of any video surveillance installation. In the case of Hikvision HeatPro cameras, we have proven their compatibility with our DFUSION range. The integration allows video analytics systems to be synchronised and configured to ensure greater accuracy and triggering of real alarms. The latest generation Thermeye thermal cameras offer optimal performance and integration with our DFUSION solutions. This improves the precision of perimeter security installations through infrared thermal imaging technologies. Integrating these cameras with the DFUSION system maximises accuracy and efficient management of perimeter security video surveillance systems.

Using the Davantis security project simulator Site Planning Tool, you can also perform different tests with new Hivision and Tehrmtec camera models to design your projects.

This free tool allows you to simulate CCTV installation security projects.

Our R&D team is always ahead of the game, offering maximum functionality by fully integrating our intelligent video analysis software with all types of security hardware, including these thermal cameras. Do you use ThermTec or Hikvision cameras in your CCTV installations? Improve the efficiency of your perimeter security system with our DFUSION range.

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