23 Feb 2021

DAVANTIS Integration with AXIS IP wireless Speakers

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DAVANTIS video analytics-based perimeter security systems are compatible with AXIS IP speakers. This allows audio warnings to be activated immediately to deter trespassers, loiterers, and other unwanted activity. 

IP speakers are an effective dissuasive tactic when combined with remotely-monitored security solutions for perimeter surveillance. Wireless IP speakers are easy to install, making them extremely useful in large, outdoors areas and critical infrastructures and installations like solar power plants, farmland, oil refineries, etc. Audio security management is a proactive method that triggers security measures and deters trespassers immediately when they are spotted; hence the trend to install IP-based speakers.

The boom in wireless security systems combined with video analytics is supported by an established track record in the perimeter security sector, with detection devices such as IP cameras, access control and intercoms, etc. IP speakers are so effective that they are now commonplace on sites used by sectors like schools and colleges, churches, shopping centres and government buildings, which have integrated them into exterior perimeter security systems.  

Axis Communications supplies four different models of wireless speaker for video surveillance. These network speakers are specifically designed for outdoor use and cost little to install. They are a perfect addition to any perimeter security system, and are used to send announcements – audio warnings – through the wireless network. The system can be programmed to send automatic audio warnings to the speakers immediately the video analytics system sends an event to deter intruders and trespassers. 


  • Wireless installation
  • Quick, easy setup 
  • Low-cost installation
  • Simple to adapt to different environments and climates
  • Remote automation for real time audio messages 
  • Effective deterrent to prevent bad behaviour 

How does DAVANTIS work with IP speakers? 

Because DAVANTIS systems are compatible with remote networked devices, our video analytics solutions integrate seamlessly with AXIS IP speakers. On-site network speakers offer superb flexibility when it comes to installing systems and setting responses through the audio system. 

DAVANTIS technology reduces installation costs because it uses wireless technology, and is a wise choice for multiple environments and climates. Adding wireless speakers to perimeter security systems is crucial in facilities such as public car parks, construction sites and their neighbouring buildings, critical infrastructures, public parks, large outdoor areas such as solar power plants, agricultural industries, and so on. 

“Axis is delighted to have the opportunity to integrate our IP audio devices with DAVANTIS technology. The combination of an audio deterrent and this proven, high-quality video analytics solution by DAVANTIS is a combination that we know will add value for all parties. We are pleased that significant players in the electronic security market appreciate the potential of combining video surveillance systems with audio warnings, whether live or pre-recorded. In this regard, Axis continues to add new devices to its range of audio security products, establishing its leading position in this use of IP audio, always in line with our commitment to work with an open, integrable platform which has now been achieved so brilliantly by DAVANTIS”. Alberto Alonso, Solution Engineer at Axis.

If you have AXIS IP speakers in your perimeter security system, you can now rely on DAVANTIS integration to maximise your security management and reduce false alarms. Find out more here!

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