08 Jan 2021

New integration with Avigilon

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From now on, users can receive alarms from the DAVANTIS video analytics system directly in the Avigilon video management platform. We are pleased to share that we now have everything ready to operate on the ACC 7 and higher control systems from our friends at Avigilon.

Adapting our DFUSION video analytics technology

DAVANTIS has adapted our new DFUSION technology to comply with the integration requirements of ACC Avigilon control systems. This easy-to-use video management software is designed to provide pertinent information to allow security staff to make the right decision in the event of an alarm or intrusion.  
The integration with the ACC control software provides a simple user interface, with DFUSION technology that allows security teams to interact with HD video to optimise detection of any critical event.


ACC is an efficient HD video management system

The Avigilon ACC control system captures and stores HD video efficiently while intelligently managing storage bandwidth using your own high-definition stream, known as HDSM management technology

With more than a decade of research devoted entirely to developing video analytics systems for perimeter protection, DAVANTIS is proud to have added to our integration possibilities by joining forces with the best security brands on the market, faithfully achieving the highest quality standards for our partners.

Learn more about all our integrations at https://www.davantis.com/en/partners and see how we connect to the best brands on the market.





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