26 Jul 2021

PSIM Octopus and DAVANTIS integration

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The versatility and compatibility of our video analytics solutions add enormous value to all types of video security installations and perimeter security management platforms. That’s why our development team keeps adding to our list of integrations with new alarm management platforms (CRA, VMS, and PSIM) and numerous hardware manufacturers. That’s why companies that use Octopus PSIM can now optimise their perimeter security systems with DAVANTIS’ smart video analytics technology better efficiency. 
The Octopus PSIM solution enables operators to manage all perimeter breaches, incidents, and security threats – both physical or cyber – efficiently and comprehensively through a holistic system with smart control and management technology. The Octopus PSIM platform also offers a selection of mobile applications to enhance video security services. 

What value does DAVANTIS provide to users of the Octopus PSIM platform?

This integration of DAVANTIS with the PSIM Octopus improves safety efficiency while reducing costs. Our extensive catalogue of integrations gives total freedom to design state-of-the-technology CCTV systems to resolve complex installations. This maximises detection effectiveness and reduces operating costs by reducing false alarms to the lowest rates in the market with DFUSION technology

What’s more, DFUSION makes it easier to manage more installations with fewer resources, offering a real-time alarm verification process in three steps. 

This integration connects DFUSION to the PSIM Octopus platform to activate technical alarms to detect trespassers. Our ClickThru verification process gives you immediate access to video captures, video clips, and real-time recordings from your CCTV camera. Discover all that DAVANTIS can bring to your Octopus PSIM-based security system!

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