30 Dec 2020

Which is the best security system for my site?

Analisis Davantis

These days, all industries, refineries, quarries, factories, and solar farms rely on powerful perimeter security systems as their first line of defence against intruders. What type of perimeter security system is the most effective, and which are the most important factors when designing a perimeter security system? Read on for the answer to this and other important questions.

Perimeter security systems are made up of integrated electrical and mechanical systems and equipment that protect the outer perimeter of a property we want to keep safe. Their main purpose is to detect intruders.

We classify these systems according to the detection method used. There are open perimeter systems, dependent on environmental conditions for detection and closed perimeter systems, which do not rely on the environment and only analyse the control parameters. In this article, we will focus specifically on open perimeter systems.

The purpose of a perimeter security system is to detect intruders fast.

A successful perimeter security system detects intruders before anything bad can happen. Early detection allows security teams to act before anything is stolen or damaged.

For the best results, consider the advantages of the different outdoor security systems according to the particular risks you need to cover.


Types of perimeter security system

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right perimeter security system for a security project. This is because each property is subject to different risk factors. The following is a breakdown of the most common types of outdoor security systems used in the sector.


Infrared barriers for outdoor protection

This is the best-known and widely used type of perimeter security system. It consists of two separate parts, an emitter that constantly sends out an invisible beam of infrared light, and a receiver. These types of system are extremely expensive to install and maintain for large perimeters, and frequent false alarms make them an unreliable choice. This is why they are usually supported by video surveillance systems that verify the alarms.


Perimeter fence sensors

These electronic detection systems can be installed on both flexible and rigid fences, to detect when they are scaled, cut, or destroyed. They give a precise location of the intrusion; however, they are unreliable because of numerous false alarms. They need support from a video-surveillance system to check alarms.


Microwave barriers for outdoor use

These offer long-range protection. Sometimes, these systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver and create a protective wave which differs according to the antenna, distance, and sensitivity settings. These systems are hampered by large numbers of false alarms, making them a poor security project choice.


Smart video surveillance: security system

Video surveillance systems are becoming the most popular choice for protecting all types of perimeters. There are many types of cameras available these days. Analogue, wireless, thermal and domos can all work well in all conditions and give you the excellent results you want from your security system.

Perimeter security based on video analysis systems like DAVANTIS uses algorithms that extract useful information from images captured by security cameras installed outdoors and use artificial intelligence to continuously learn and improve the system’s detection ability.

That is why systems that use video analytics technologies like DAVANTIS reduce false alarm rates by up to 95% and simplify the alarm verification process by locating exactly where and when the alarm was triggered.

This makes everything easy. A good video analytics system can distinguish between real intruders and false alarms quickly and accurate, so you can act fast. After all, these are the factors that will make your security system a success.

Invest in unparalleled reliability, precision, and efficiency by protecting your property with a perimeter security system equipped with video analytics technology. 

We will not talk about the many increasingly specific perimeter protection systems on the market, because they are rarely used. However, video surveillance systems are growing in popularity because continuous technological improvements and ongoing developments have made them an essential component of all perimeter security projects.

The team of experts at DAVANTIS is ready to help. With 15 years in the perimeter security business, we are qualified to help you design the system you need. Request a demo and let us show you all the advantages of our video analytics solutions.






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