19 Jul 2023

Now DFUSION MINI has six channels

DFUSION now with more detection channels

We’re always ahead of the game, searching for ways to upgrade our solutions to satisfy your requirements. That’s why we have released DFUSION MINI with 6 channels.

This upgrade gives users more flexibility regarding the environment to be protected. The computer/server guarantees unprecedented detection and accuracy with lower installation costs. Connect more cameras to DFUSION and ramp up your security!


In order to provide a MINI solution with all the power of DFUSION, our perimeter security system for small and medium installations (67 m day/night camera) now offers the option of 6 channels. This solution, based on AI algorithms, features two detection engines. These engines work in parallel to prevent unwanted intrusions and detect threats in advance. Simultaneously, the number of false positives is drastically reduced.

DFUSION MINI offers a clear competitive advantage in the sector, maximizing security standards in industrial parks, warehouses, buildings, and residential areas. You can manage a greater number of cameras with the same equipment. It allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of an intelligent video analysis system like DFUSION.

Detection video DFUSION MINI


More power, fewer costs: Channel expansion allows you to connect a greater number of cameras. This results in lower installation and equipment startup costs. By installing DFUSION, you can save on wiring, as one server can analyze and verify images from up to 6 cameras.

More control, less consumption: In addition to the reduction in wiring costs, the increased available channels in DFUSION enable you to save space and energy consumption.

Our DFUSION range solutions are capable of delivering maximum performance. They use two detection engines that operate simultaneously, providing precision and effectiveness even at long distances and in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, our perimeter video analysis solutions feature specific algorithms that allow them to learn and adapt to the scene’s field of view.

Switch to DFUSION! Choose precision and efficiency for your perimeter video surveillance installations.



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