07 Dec 2021

Control all your security systems with your smartphone

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Would you like your security systems to be just a click away, all the time, wherever you are? Download the DAVANTIS app to get quick access to your system and take action quickly and easily.
Our free app makes it easy to access your CCTV video surveillance installation wherever you are. Its features cover the needs and desires of different profiles, such as installers, custodians and end-users.


Installation companies managing several installations can control everything simultaneously and remotely in real-time. In addition, users can register multiple installations and control them with the app.
Security guards can monitor all the facilities in their charge simultaneously, particularly when patrolling and away from the monitoring and control station. Security guards can set up push notifications to receive alarms on their mobile devices.

Whether you are an installer, security guard or end-user, the app, which is available for both iOS and Android, enables you to:

  • View alarms with snapshots and videos
  • Receive alarms through push notifications
  • View live cameras
  • Enable and disable team entries and departures


The app is so intuitive that any installer can use it competently and conveniently. When the app opens, it displays a floating menu where you can interact with its main items and functions:

  • Site Menu: go back to the screen showing the different facilities.
  • Alarms: view the list of recent alarms, filter by criteria such as date, alarms sent to the CRA, types of events (person, vehicle, tampering…).
    Click on an alarm to view the available information on an alarm: date and time, event detection, view intruder video (10 seconds: 3 seconds before and 7 seconds after detection), live camera images and other features.
  • Camera: live access to your cameras.

You can also enable “push” notifications on your mobile device to warn you whenever the system generates an alarm. You will have immediate access to information – 24/7/365 –  and the option to make all types of settings.


One major advantage of our app is its usefulness for monitoring critical infrastructures via the Internet (WAN connection) and LAN access (local) to avoid cyber security problems.

The DAVANTIS app offers numerous management and security benefits, giving immediate access to live security cameras on your premises, obtaining real-time surveillance images so you can check and correct camera focus and making other important adjustments.

DAVANTIS is committed to providing a comprehensive service to video surveillance system installers with intelligent video analytics technology solutions and platforms for effective perimeter security management. Our Site Planning Tool enables security project planning, and our app is an effective solution to the needs of the industry and its installers.

Need more info? View the User Manual and start enjoying the benefits of our enhanced Security app now! Download our free 100% app!








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