29 Nov 2022

New, improved Site Planning Tool

Site Planning Tool

We’ve updated our Site Planning Tool with a new registration interface! To improve the usability of the site and offer maximum accessibility to the sections of our website, we have redesigned the registration and access page so that you can go straight to our contents with a click. Don’t miss out… go to our new Site Planning Tool page!

With user experience and ease of registration to our free CCTV security project design platform in mind, we have re-designed the site to maximise functionality and provide greater interaction.

Our CCTV installation design and planning platform makes it easy to design all types of projects while guaranteeing maximum technical reliability. The advantage of this Security simulation tool is that you can simulate hypothetical security situations and check the real needs of each client. This simplifies the work of installers while reducing all kinds of errors and blind spots in installations. Our Site Planning Tool makes it possible to deploy a video surveillance system successfully the first time.

What can I do with the Site Planning Tool?

•   Create custom designs for video analytics projects
•   Configure security variables such as: installing cameras, angles, height, poor lighting, etc.
•   Simulate coverage angles
•   Position cameras according to GPS coordinates
•   Manage blind spots
•   Identify incorrect detection distances
•   Design projects based on .pdf and .jpg plans, etc.
•   Integrate any type of camera, such as Hikvision, Axis, Thermtec, Bosch, among others.
•   Simulate all types of environments, even highly complex sites.
•   Export project simulations to .pdf format to send to customers (adding the installer’s logo)

If you have any issues using the tool or would like to improve your security project simulation skills, sign up for our Site Planning Tool course to design perimeter security projects. Reduce costs and installation times with our 100% free Site Planning Tool.

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