23 Jan 2024

DFUSION Alarms: the revolution in alarm management


Discover how DFUSION Alarms is revolutionizing alarm management. Now, the critical task of handling alarms will become an efficient and advanced experience. In the constant pursuit of ensuring security in homes, businesses, and communities, the importance of optimal alarm management is undeniable. It is in this scenario that the personnel of Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC) play a fundamental role.

At the forefront of technological innovation, DFUSION positions itself as a leader with its new and cutting-edge web tool, designed specifically for ARC operators. The goal? To make the response to emergency situations not only fast but also effective.

Facilitating integration in central monitoring stations

Integrating new tools into central monitoring stations can be a challenge, but DFUSION’s new solution simplifies this process remarkably. CMS operators will find that integration is easier than ever, allowing them to take advantage of this tool seamlessly.

ClickThru™️ technology: access to photos, videos, and live cameras

DFUSION has taken alarm management to the next level with its ClickThru™️ technology. As a result, operators quickly access multimedia content related to alarms, such as photos, videos, and live camera feeds. This feature provides valuable information for assessing the situation and making informed decisions.

Remote activation of deterrents with DFUSION Alarms

In alarm situations, every second counts. With the new DFUSION Alarms tool, security personnel have the ability to remotely activate deterrent elements. This allows for a quick deterrence of potential intrusions, enhancing property security.

Verification process

DFUSION Alarms: innovative web technology

DFUSION’s tool is based on web technology, eliminating the need for complex installations or maintaining expensive systems. Operators can access this tool directly through their browsers, greatly facilitating its implementation and continuous use.

Agile and intuitive alarm management

One of the most impressive features of this tool is its agile and intuitive alarm management. Operators can navigate through alerts quickly and efficiently, ensuring timely responses to critical situations. The user interface has a new design to provide maximum usability, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Seamless integration with Action Maps

The integration of Maps in Action enables operators to visualize the activity of a facility on a live map. This facilitates coordination with authorities and an effective response to emergencies. Alarm-triggered cameras change their status to alert operators. With its Hotspot mode, the live camera feed opens automatically in the event of an alarm.

Hotspot mode

DFUSION’s new web tool is set to revolutionize the way alarms are managed in Central Monitoring Stations. Its ease of integration, cutting-edge web technology, and innovative features make it the ultimate choice for CMS operators looking to improve efficiency and security.

In a world where security is paramount, DFUSION’s tool is a step forward towards more effective and efficient alarm management. The next generation of CMS is here, and DFUSION is leading it with advanced web technology.

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