29 Nov 2022

Video analytics: The security benefits of real-time video analytics solutions

Analíticas en tiempo real

Major technological developments in R&D are focused on optimising data and image processing times. In security, time is of the essence and can be the difference between preventing a crime or not. That’s why real-time video analytics software solutions are crucial to effectively managing any perimeter security deployment. But what does it mean real-time video analytics?

How does real-time video systems analysis improve the performance of CCTV perimeter detection systems?

Intelligent video surveillance software is based on artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and automatically recognise any incidents present in the video sequences. In security, video analytics systems are capable of capturing, tracking, analysing, and recognising people, actions, behaviours, and objects to trigger real-time alerts.

In addition, AI-based video analysis allows you to define behaviour, patterns of movement and automated rules to increase the efficiency of any CCTV surveillance system.

Benefits of using real-time video analytics solutions

At DAVANTIS, we are experts in intelligent video analysis software based on artificial intelligence. We combine the most advanced technologies to achieve a high level of detection and a noticeable reduction in false alarms. Some of the benefits of real-time video analytics are:

Real-time systems allow you to activate deterrent measures as soon as an alarm is generated. This results in operational cost savings and is a preventative tactic that often prompts the intruder to leave the perimeter immediately.

These solutions help identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. The ability to send real-time images means that staff receive valuable information about the type of intrusion for shorter incident response times.

More efficient
Using video analytics enables more accurate, efficient alert management. The level of accuracy is higher thanks to the use of smart algorithms, resulting in higher detection and lower false alarm rates.
Before an event is triggered, the alarm-receiving centres can access the images in real-time and assess the danger immediately.

Lower costs
Video analytics save you time and money, warning security guards when there is a suspicious movement and specifying which camera has picked up an intruder or other anomaly. Access to real-time images allows security guards to make decisions and activate protocols based on real alarms. This can convert a passive CCTV surveillance system into an intelligent security system to save operational costs.

Integration with other systems
Video analysis systems can be integrated and combined with other deterrent hardware, such as IP spotlights and loudspeakers.  They can also be integrated into any video management platform or PSIM.

Fast alerts
Real-time monitoring of protected areas allows alerts to be sent immediately and to anticipate situations that could lead to break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Our DFUSION solution works with two parallel detection engines to increase accuracy even in difficult conditions. With its dual-engine, it detects intruders over long distances, in poor light conditions, when the person is partially hidden, in adverse weather conditions, etc. DFUSION filters out false alarms reducing their number by 90% compared to many conventional systems.

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