04 Feb 2019

Save time and money with video analytics

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DAVANTIS video surveillance systems outperform CCTV alone

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) is a traditional type of surveillance system that is unable to match the superior results achievable with video analytics. DAVANTIS has specialised in video analytics more than a decade.

Your CCTV system can show you what’s happening through numerous cameras at the same time. But a CCTV system will never be more than a passive method whose performance is totally dependent on the people responsible for supervising it. Studies have shown that after 22 minutes, security guards miss up to 95 per cent of what’s happening on the screens. That means that your investment in security is neither good value for money, nor effective.

What makes video analytics superior to CCTV

Video analytics in real time can save you time and money, alerting the security guard when it detects a suspicious movement and specifying which camera has detected an intruder or other anomaly. That means your security system doesn’t depend on continual supervision by your security staff and turns your CCTV system into an active security system.

For example, imagine you have several sites and spots that need surveillance. If you install a surveillance camera in each spot and continually send the images to a single control centre, that uses a lot of data, and it’s difficult for the surveillance staff to keep an eye on all of them. However, if you only send the data when something suspicious happens, this significantly reduces the money and time you invest keeping your property safe.

The technology used by DAVANTIS video surveillance also reduces the number of false alarms. In short, it’s more than a question of detecting theft, vandalism and intruders. Video analytics is a technological upgrade with security solutions that save their users time and money.





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