07 Jan 2022

Stop CCTV sabotage in perimeter security!

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Around 27.2% of break-ins start with the perpetrator sabotaging the CCTV system, either by cutting the wiring or tampering with cameras by changing their angle or range of coverage. Sabotage is more frequent in outdoor installations and designs that cover long distances. DAVANTIS knows how this security problem affects installers and end-users, which is why we have invested in R&D to provide an effective response to the problem of sabotage of CCTV perimeter systems.

Outdoor perimeter security systems are vulnerable to physical tampering and sabotage that may affect their ability to protect assets. This damage may be caused by vandalism, by tree branches tapping cameras or sudden changes to outdoor lighting conditions, which is why it is important for security systems to distinguish between the different issues that affect images captured by cameras. In addition, early detection of technical alarms, both criminal and natural, is essential to ensure the efficacy of a perimeter protection and control system.


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When designing video surveillance (CCTV) systems, installers must position the receivers in safe spots to prevent tampering and sabotage. There are different tactics for triggering alarms in cases of sabotage, such as installing tamper switches in components vulnerable to sabotage (covers, cables, etc.). It is important to stress that we recommend implementing independent alarms to report situations of sabotage, technical faults, and intrusion alarms.

DAVANTIS has developed a video analytics system that protects video surveillance cameras from sabotage and tampering. Thanks to our long experience in the perimeter security sector, we have an extensive database of real cases of sabotage. We have developed a deep-learning-based smart function for our DFUSION video analytics solution based on the data. Immediately the system detects a potential act of sabotage, an alert is sent instantly to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) so that the security staff can monitor and activate security protocols. In addition, our deep learning algorithms enable the management of all types of tampering incidents quickly without any endangering your perimeter security.

Get the most from your perimeter security and control system with DFUSION! Contact our technicians now and learn how to minimise the risk of sabotage.

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