02 Nov 2021

The real risk of Missed Security Breaches

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The perimeter security market is being flooded with video analytics solutions that promise to ‘filter’ false alarms. These technologies analyse images captured by CCTV security systems that are sent to an alarm monitoring centre to reduce extra workload. Alarm filtering in isolation from the video analytics system itself is a disaster waiting to happen. Real security breaches can be dismissed and technical issues with security cameras may not be reported to the operators. And auditing and tracing alarm traffic across multiple platforms is difficult and time-consuming.

When installing CCTV security systems, both the installer and the monitoring station need to rely on their security and control systems. This depends on the technology used and settings in the cameras and equipment that report to the monitoring station to control security on-site. Missing security breaches can lead to serious problems not only for security, and staff safety, but also importantly, legal liability

All breaches reported by video surveillance cameras impose duties and obligations on security guard services. When you use third-party platforms to filter out false positives, you run the risk of missing the breaches captured by the CCTV cameras on the site, as the filtering is done in isolation in the cloud – missing important detail about why the alarm was raised in the first place by the video analytics. This is less reliable for monitoring stations and can lead to legal liability issues. Can your company afford to miss a real security breach?


DAVANTIS specialises in video analytics for perimeter security. Our solutions are based on a combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (deep learning) technology which is CPNI-tested to rigorous standards, guaranteeing maximum precision and early detection while at the same time reducing false alarms. Our video analytics system offers a dependable service to alarm monitoring stations with comprehensive system alarms such as video-loss, camera tampering and technical issues, and activate deterrents and other security and protective measures. Even the hardware and communications paths are monitored for continuity, raising system alarms when something isn’t right.

All this is possible because of our approach, combining algorithms that analyze both appearance and movement of images, not just a few still frames, giving highly precise detection and no missed security breaches.

Artificial intelligence uses appearance and is able to distinguish between what is and is not a person. However, these systems need to observe high quality, well-lit images where the subject is large and not obstructed. These conditions are not often found in CCTV environments that use video analytics, which are normally outdoors and in difficult, changing circumstances and weather/lighting conditions.

The combination of appearance AND movement analysis enables our DFUSION video analytics to detect small objects, even at long distances, even when partly obscured. What’s more, the ability to analyse a massive number of images per second continuously maximises precision, and improves alarm reliability.

Need a technology solution to reduce and filter false alarms? Don’t rely on third-party technology to filter potential security breaches! With DAVANTIS, there is no need for additional third-party filtering. Get it right first time – you can have a false-alarm-proof CCTV security system without the need for extra measures. Contact our team of experts now! Manage numerous perimeter security systems more efficiently and let us deal with the false positives.

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