04 Jan 2019

What is perimeter security and what are the benefits?

Davantis Perimetro seguridad

Perimeter security consists of integrated elements and systems, both electronic and mechanical, that protect a physical area – such as a company or an airport – that dissuade and detect intruders.

The main perimeter security challenges are reliability of detection, the behaviour of devices in adverse weather conditions, suitability for the physical characteristics of the perimeter, transmission of signals and the rate of false alarms.

Perimeter security equipment

Perimeter security systems include tactical radars, video sensors, fences with sensors, sensor cables, microwave and infra-red barriers, concertinas, etc.

DAVANTIS uses video analytics systems combined with thermal and visible cameras, which are among the most effective technologies available because they are so versatile and easy to check.

Why are video analytics important?

DAVANTIS focuses entirely on perimeter protection with a range of video analytics systems, the most effective method for protecting complex facilities. Video analytics takes security a step beyond passive perimeter protection systems. It provides the most effective detection possible and helps to reduce costs.

The Chilean photovoltaic plant that required perimeter protection around extensive areas of land with few resources is one example of this. Another example is the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, which protects its 24,000-metre facilities with a DAVANTIS security system made up of more than 400 surveillance cameras.

Protecting your property with DAVANTIS

DAVANTIS has the perimeter protection your facility needs. We specialise entirely in video analytics. The DAVIEW MINI is suitable for securing small installations, with video surveillance up to 67 metres, while the DAVIEW S is an option for up to 235 metres and the DAVIEW LR provides even longer-range detection, in other words, up to 505 metres.

Our equipment provides highly precise, effective security in critical locations. We use automatic learning technologies and artificial intelligence and we assist our customers through every stage of the project to ensure a high-quality service. We have solutions to secure every customer: logistics centres, airports, photovoltaic plants, military installations, factories, universities, power plants, museums, and more.



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