20 Mar 2024

Proactive outdoor protection for Car Dealerships & Vehicle Storage

Perimeter Video Analytics in Car Dealerships and Vehicle Storage Depots

Security concerns loom large over car dealerships and vehicle storage depots, with a recent surge in theft and vandalism incidents plaguing these establishments. The targeted theft of high-value car components like catalytic converters or even entire vehicles has become alarmingly common. While many dealerships have installed security cameras outside their premises, these cameras often prove ineffective at stopping these incidents. At best they provide evidence of the crimes – often with video quality that makes it impossible to identify the perpetrators. This is really an inadequate solution to safeguard against this problem. 

Real-time video analytics presents a promising solution to enhance security measures at auto dealerships and large vehicle storage facilities. By leveraging advanced A.I. technology, suspicious behavior and potential threats can be detected early. Also, proactive measures can be taken to prevent theft or vandalism, rather than merely recording what happened. Innovative video analytics technology offers a much more proactive approach, capable of identifying intruders early, and enabling automated or remotely triggered preventive measures to be taken. By adding intelligent analytics to existing camera systems, you can have a proactive detection and prevention solution. And it typically costs less than the replacement of a single catalytic converter.

Visual Alarm Verification for Car Dealerships

Auto dealerships and vehicle storage depots are grappling with a notable surge in criminal activities. This ranges from acts of vandalism to theft. Recognizing the imperative for more comprehensive security measures, many businesses in this sector acknowledge relying solely on the installation of security cameras outside their premises for protection – but this is insufficient. 

The need to detect intruders before they commit a crime is paramount to mitigate risk and to avoid losses. However, conventional cameras merely offer reactive visual evidence, useful primarily for post-incident investigation and insurance claims, often resulting in increased deductibles.

To address these challenges, the integration of smart A.I. analytics presents a compelling solution to bolster perimeter protection for auto dealerships and vehicle storage depots. With Davantis’ DFUSION seamlessly integrated into any existing camera systems, each camera transforms into a virtual guard capable of proactive threat detection and preventionThis innovative approach empowers businesses to fortify their security infrastructure, thwarting potential threats before they escalate, and ultimately safeguarding against financial losses and operational disruptions. 

How can AI help protect your vehicles outdoors?

Davantis’ DFUSION offers an advanced AI-driven video analytics solution that works with your existing security cameras, serving as a real-time visual alarm verification system. This cutting-edge technology ensures proactive surveillance, enabling early detection of intruders and ensuring ‘around-the-clock’ security for your vehicles and facility. 

With DFUSION, monitoring station operators and security personnel receive instant video footage of intrusion alarm events, allowing for swift response and intervention. This proactive approach enables triggering of preventive measures, such as activating strobe lights, sounding an alarm, or even initiating remote communication with intruders via on-site speakers. In most instances, these measures lead to intruders leaving immediately to avoid being caught by dispatched security staff or law enforcement. This comprehensive security solution offers peace of mind, safeguarding assets and deterring potential threats effectively. And it typically costs less than replacing a single stolen catalytic converter. 

Remote monitoring of car dealerships security cameras

Effective video detection solutions empower central station operators to react quickly and effectively. But these operators typically face one of two problems. They receive alarm video but have to guess whether it is an actual intruder or simply a false alarm. And they often have to deal with so many false alarms that it becomes cumbersome and leads to operator fatigue. 

DFUSION A.I. analytics presents operators with video that have bounding boxes around the triggering object, so that the operator does not need to guess as to what caused the alarm. This visual verification capability enables quick differentiation between genuine intrusions and false alarms, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time. And it prevents having to escalate unverified alarms to property owners, thus mitigating unnecessary disruptions caused by false alarms. False positives (alarms for unwanted objects) and false negatives (alarms for no reason) pose significant challenges in managing security for dealerships or vehicle storage depots. At DAVANTIS, our cutting-edge AI video analytics filters out over 95% of common false positives – from triggers such as flags, animals, insects, lights, or plants. 

Our unique dual-detection A.I. engines analyze both object type and motion type, raising alarms only for actual intruders, and drastically minimizing false alarms. This also offers increased accuracy under challenging conditions, including low visibility environments and long distances. For proactive security enhancement and crime reduction at your dealerships, turn to AI video analytics. With DAVANTIS’ DFUSION, you can transform your existing security cameras into virtual guards, all at a cost significantly lower than replacing a catalytic converter. 

Success Stories: DFUSION in Action at Car Dealerships and Vehicle Storage Depots

Discover how DFUSION is already managing security for several car dealerships and vehicle storage facilities:

An open dealership lot does not have to be an unprotected lot

We understand the unique challenges of protecting dealerships and vehicle storage depots. Maintaining a delicate balance between securing the site and creating an inviting atmosphere for potential customers is paramount for auto dealerships. By adding advanced A.I. to your existing security cameras, you can create a virtual fence during non-business hours. This allows to effectively fortify the lot – while preserving maximum accessibility for potential buyers during working hours.

Given that auto dealerships are often targeted outside of regular business hours, having security measures in place around the clock is imperative. Implementing DFUSION video analytics, and having your site professionally monitored for proactive response, can serve as a potent deterrent against criminal activities during these vulnerable times. Providing comprehensive coverage of vehicle yards, salesfloors, service centers, and other parts of a dealership is non-negotiable. With DFUSION, you can guarantee proactive video surveillance coverage across the entire property, leaving no room for blind spots

Insurance cover does not equal security

Theft or damage to vehicles can result in significant operational and financial setbacks. Dealerships typically protect themselves against this with comprehensive insurance. But insurance cover does not equal security. 

Even when you are reimbursed for vehicle damage or loss, you still suffer significant operational impact. If a catalytic converter is stolen from a vehicle, you don’t only lose that converter. You also loose the opportunity to immediately sell that vehicle. And a customer that walks off the lot without buying, is a customer who can decide to buy elsewhere. Don’t let this happen to you. By implementing proactive perimeter security measures using advanced A.I., you can prevent theft and damage by getting early warning of intruders on your premises. You can also avoid the negative operational impact, and you will not face an increasing deductible after a claim. As a bonus many insurers will reduce your premiums when you prove that you have effective and proactive security in place. 

Curious about our solution? Experience the effectiveness of our DFUSION video analytics solution firsthand by trying it for free at your site. Contact us today!



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