15 Nov 2023

Metro de Madrid wipes out graffiti

Metro de Madrid street

Graffiti ‘artists’ trespassing on Metro de Madrid sites is a major challenge. Tunnels are outdoors and badly lit, making transport networks more vulnerable. These graffiti ‘artists’ and other trespassers cause damage to property, spraying graffiti on carriages, stealing property and destroying other equipment. This was proving expensive for the company and was a vulnerable point in the Security Plan. Domingo Gómez Alonso has been Metro de Madrid’s security chief for 42 years. He explains the value of a video analytics system that detects intruders around tunnels quickly. This value prompted Metro de Madrid to invest in DFUSION as an effective response to its security needs. 

“We are quick to adopt new technologies and products. We like innovating and pilot projects, testing and pushing them to the limit”, says Domingo Gómez. “DAVANTIS committed to finding the best, most appropriate solutions to our problems”. That’s why we joined forces to create a demo. To do this, we connected artificial intelligence-based DFUSION video analytics equipment to thermal and traditional CCTV cameras. This efficient video analytics system detects intruders in unauthorised areas quickly, including graffiti ‘artists’ who vandalise trains and private property. 

DAVANTIS got involved in our problems to find the best and most appropriate solution

Domingo Gómez Alonso, Metro de Madrid’s security chief

AI video analytics at Metro de Madrid

Thanks to DAVANTIS’ intelligent video analytics system capabilities, the underground system’s security team responds more quickly and efficiently. Vandalism is down, business costs are lower, and the public transport system is more secure. 

Innovation was crucial to designing a proactive, scalable perimeter security system, precise and integrated with other security platforms. These aspects have boosted efficiency and responsiveness. Metro de Madrid’s constant search for state-of-the-art security solutions is essential in a fast-changing environment subject to changing threats. DFUSION identifies threats more efficiently and reduces false alarms. 

DAVANTIS is delighted to collaborate with Metro de Madrid. We work closely with Domingo Gómez on preventive measures such as risk analysis, ongoing threat assessments, and other security policy developments. DAVANTIS and Metro de Madrid share a bold approach to security, with innovation and constant adaptation. That’s the key to ensuring safe, secure environments in the long term.

Metro de Madrid Domingo Gómez video

DAVANTIS has been delighted to collaborate with Metro de Madrid. We continue to work side by side with Domingo Gómez to implement preventive measures that range from risk analysis and constant threat assessment to other developments in security policies. Both DAVANTIS and Metro de Madrid share a bold approach to security, where innovation and constant adaptation have a key role in ensuring safe, secure environments in the long term.





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