24 Jan 2024

OMIFCO Trusts DFUSION for its Critical Facilities


We thrive on challenges, and that’s why our team of experts is always ready to overcome any perimeter security challenge. At DAVANTIS, we provide comprehensive coverage for each client’s needs. In the case of OMIFCO, it was no different. After thoroughly assessing the project requirements and in collaboration with our installation partner Majees, we implemented DFUSION in critical facilities in Oman.

Critical Infrastructures

Perimeter security in oil fields, gas installations, and energy facilities is of vital importance. These critical installations demand extremely high security standards. Due to the risks these facilities face, both Majees and OMIFCO rely on the effectiveness of DFUSION.

OMIFCO manages numerous oil, gas, and energy facilities in Oman. These installations require state-of-the-art technologies to ensure total security and perimeter surveillance. Video analysis is an indispensable tool for perimeter security, preventing unauthorized intrusions that could lead to power supply disruptions.

Artificial Intelligence in Service of Security

“For the past two years, we faced numerous issues with the security system. Previously, we buried cables in the fence, and we had many system failures. We decided to switch to another technology and chose artificial intelligence solutions. That’s why we decided to go with DAVANTIS,” says Ali Alhinai, Senior Electrical Engineer at OMIFCO.

The Challenge of False Alarms with OMIFCO

False alarms were a persistent problem in these installations. The presence of wild animals on the perimeter or adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains and winds, triggered continuous alerts. Often, false alarms activate costly security processes and consume unnecessary resources.

ClickThru Alarm Verification Process

DFUSION’s ClickThru technology allows live access to cameras to check what’s happening in real-time. It’s a quick and effective verification process that enables operators and security guards to react within seconds. This way, the security staff can take necessary actions, such as activating deterrent measures.

Video analytics systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms offer significant advantages in terms of accuracy, efficiency, costs, and optimization of image processing times due to their self-learning capabilities.


Find the best smart system with the best technology is difficult and you have to choose the best company and the best product

Nasser Abdullah, Head of Security at OMIFCO
Nasser - OMIFCO

Video Analysis System: Meeting Critical Needs at OMIFCO

OMIFCO’s critical facilities cover large areas, making perimeter control challenging. To prevent intrusions that could lead to theft and other acts of vandalism, it is crucial to implement perimeter security systems ensuring optimal levels of effectiveness.

Our advanced intelligent video analysis solutions are the ideal choice for early intrusion detection and the activation of real alarms. DFUSION achieves full adaptation to the environment, even in complex situations like irregular perimeters, areas with blind spots, or exposure to adverse weather conditions.

Integration with alarm management platforms and CCTV cameras has allowed the design of a robust and scalable perimeter security system, meeting the highest protection standards for critical installations.


Ali Al Hinai, Senior electrical engineer - OMIFCO

DFUSION is the first artificial intelligence system in our company, which will elevate our technology to a higher level

Ali Al Hinai, Senior Electrical Engineer at OMIFCO

Thanks to our perimeter video analysis solutions, OMIFCO is advancing to a higher level of security, hand in hand with our installation partner Majees.




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