25 Oct 2023

Tarox: Our New Security Partner in Germany

Tarox. New Partner Germany

At DAVANTIS, we’re still eager to expand our brand to new horizons. This time, with Tarox, who, thanks to their trust, will help us take our video analysis worldwide. We are thrilled to announce this new collaboration. Tarox is a leading security solutions company with extensive experience and a commitment to cutting-edge technology. We are sure that this alliance will strengthen our presence in the German market.

The DAVANTIS-Tarox partnership is built on experience and technological investment in security systems. We have the ability to address real CCTV video surveillance challenges in various industries. Tarox is one of the top providers of comprehensive solutions in Germany, with over 25 years of experience in the field. They are pioneers in developing their own products and distributing technological solutions. The collaboration with DAVANTIS aims to provide the utmost excellence to their clients through our intelligent video analysis systems.

This collaboration opens doors for us to continue growing in Europe alongside Tarox. We offer state-of-the-art video analysis solutions for perimeter security. Both DAVANTIS and Tarox share the goal of delivering maximum efficiency and accuracy in any perimeter installation. Our system is scalable and adaptable to the security needs of the client, regardless of size or industry demands.

Reducing false alarms is a key focus

With DFUSION, our cutting-edge technological solution, we ensure total accuracy and an unprecedented drastic reduction in false alarms. According to Richard Wetzel, “DAVANTIS’s advanced technologies will provide us with a range of functions to offer our clients a comprehensive security experience.”

DFUSION stands out as the technological solution of choice for guaranteeing total precision and a significant reduction in false alarms, thanks to its artificial intelligence-based algorithms and advanced features.

This new collaboration with Tarox expands our international reach. Now, our video analysis solutions make a stronger impact in Germany. We’re excited to work closely with Richard and Timmy, not only for new projects but also for the excellent team we’re forming. Here’s to many years together!


Collaborating with DAVANTIS will allow us to develop customized security solutions that perfectly match the needs of our clients. We will work together to optimize our security infrastructures and take a proactive approach to threat prevention

Richard Wetzel, Head of Video Security at Tarox AG



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