09 Apr 2024

DAVANTIS Integration with Commend loudspeakers

Integration with loudspeakers Commend

More and more companies are installing dissuasive measures to enhance their perimeter security systems.

Integrating speakers and lights in video surveillance systems is a deterrent against burglars. Fortunately, our intelligent video analytics technology integrates with all kinds of deterrent hardware, such as the DFUSION integration with Commend loudspeakers.

It is an excellent combination that tightens security and dissuades intruders from entering unauthorised areas.

Commend loudspeakers and video surveillance

Commend is a leading name in security and is renowned for its quality and reliability. Security systems that integrate DFUSION with Commend speakers provide more effective security. They are an excellent choice for protecting facilities from intruders and criminal acts.

DFUSION intelligent perimeter analytics integrates with Commend loudspeakers AFLS10HCW, AFLS10HHG, AFLS10HPW and AFLS10HSC. The integration can manage audio clips and remote, automated interaction through the speakers. This interaction between security guards and intruders deters vandals and thieves in all security projects.

Why invest in perimeter security and deterrent measures?

There are numerous reasons for investing in deterrent measures.

The aim is to deter intruders and keep the people and property on the premises safe. Deterrents also create a psychological barrier that prevents intruders from breaking into the facility.

The mere presence of these measures (lights, speakers, etc.) makes criminals think twice before attempting to break in.


The integration of Commend speakers with DFUSION video analytics enhances the perimeter security of your installation and helps prevent intrusions before they occur. In case of a system failure, you can verify audio thanks to the built-in microphone.

Juan José Lorite, Business Development Manager

This reduces the risk of theft, vandalism and other crimes. The combination of deterrent measures and a perimeter security system improves the overall effectiveness of the system by preventing incidents before they occur. While the surveillance system detects intruders, deterrent measures prevent dangerous situations.

In addition, deterrent measures provide owners and employees with a greater sense of security. This type of security strategy protects both assets and people.

DFUSION’s advanced technology and Commend speakers provide customers with a comprehensive solution to reinforce any perimeter security system.

Download the pdf and discover all the advantages of using Commend loudspeakers with our equipment.

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