29 Mar 2021

Upgrade your Daview with DFUSION_Xtension

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We are proud to announce an innovation that will massively improve our clients’ perimeter security systems. Our latest solution: DFUSION_Xtension. It is a cloud-based monthly subscription service that transforms the DAVIEW system into DFUSION, powering up your perimeter security arrangements by harnessing the latest Artificial Intelligence. 

Is your system outdated? Would you like better performance?

DFUSION_Xtension achieves the lowest rate of false alarms in the industry. It is the ideal solution for existing Daview users who want all the advantages of DFUSION without the expense of replacing their existing systems. And that’s not all! You keep all the benefits of our video analytics system, with real-time access to video clips to decide whether or not to trigger deterrents. In short, you get a more efficient security system and use fewer resources. Ready to switch to DFUSION_Xtension?

How can I get DFUSION_Xtension?

Switching to DFUSION_Xtension couldn’t be easier! Just update your Daview software. 
This powerful solution enables you to manage alerts more effectively by reducing the number of false positives for lower operating and installation costs.

Why choose _Xtension?

It is superior and infinitely more efficient than a simple alarm filtering system and detects trespassers in even highly unfavourable conditions. 

Forget about more false alarms triggered by obstructions, plants, insects and spiders in cameras, heavy rain, vehicle headlights and other unintentional triggers. 

What’s more, DFUSION_Xtension works in even extremely challenging circumstances. For example, it identifies trespassers at long distances and partly hidden, provided the person is only 25% visible.

How does it work?

Deep Learning happens in the cloud. We analyse the images captured by your original camera at a high frequency, analysing hundreds of observations of the intruder in different places and positions. We also analyse each alert several times.
The system guarantees early detection, and the occurrence is analysed before, during and after raising the alarm.  

A few of the advantages:

  • Designed to detect intruders immediately
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Large-scale image analytics
  • Forget about connection outages. In case of a fault, your Daview just keeps on working as usual
  • Improves efficiency of AMS staff
  • Messages sent to the monitoring station are fully protected

This new product will allow numerous DAVANTIS users to upgrade the effectiveness of their perimeter security systems. It’s a monthly subscription service with no lock-in period. Because it’s a cloud-based solution, it is completely flexible, and there’s no up-front investment. 

If you are a DAVIEW system user and want an even better video analytics solution to optimise your perimeter security, contact the team at DAVANTIS and transform your old system into a state-of-the-art solution. 

Power up your Daview with DFUSION_Xtension! Upgrade to the next
level of video analytics with our Artificial Intelligence system.

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