04 Apr 2024

Naturgy, customised security for Critical Infrastructures


At DAVANTIS, we know that every facility is unique. Every site has a different set of perimeter security challenges, including those related to location, climate, environment, and specific threats. Technology is the key to designing customized safety systems. That’s why Naturgy has chosen our intelligent video analytics solutions to guarantee perimeter safety around several power plants.

The variety of perimeters means Naturgy needs a highly skilled technology partner for specialised advice and customised solutions. DAVANTIS and Naturgy collaborated for more than two years to fully address these security challenges. DFUSION video analytics systems now protect Naturgy’s electrical substations, solar plants, hydroelectric plants, combined cycle plants, wind farms, service stations, and headquarters.

DAVANTIS customises everything to ensure efficient, effective protection of all Naturgy’s facilities.

Accuracy, adaptability and cost control

Naturgy’s generation and solar plants are in highly complex locations. Far from urban areas, they often have uneven perimeters and are exposed to extreme weather, such as heavy rain, strong winds and dense fog.

Protecting these remote, sprawling sites can be challenging and costly. The company also wanted to reduce investments in cable laying and hardware. All this has made DFUSION video analytics the ideal solution. With maximum coverage, visibility and detection over long distances, DFUSION video analytics is crucial for Naturgy’s critical infrastructures.

Miguel Marí video

We have found a partner that understands us and is invested in finding solutions so that operational management of the systems can solve our problems

Miguel Marí director of security at Naturgy Group

“We need a system that fulfils our need for optimal operational management. DAVANTIS technology provides extremely detailed, advanced analytics compared to everything else on the market,” says Miguel Mari.

Critical infrastructure perimeters demand exceptional security standards. That’s why DFUSION is the best choice for accurate early intruder detection while avoiding non-detections and false alarms. These protected areas are vulnerable to material theft and sabotage, potentially leading to widespread power outages, among other threats. We integrate our video analytics systems with VSM, PSIM, CMS and all hardware platforms, along with real-time alarm verification capabilities to optimise surveillance teams and resources and improve security protocols.

DAVANTIS values its strategic security partnership with Naturgy. Together, they have designed and created a comprehensive security system, now a proactive tool for early intruder detection on Naturgy sites.

Miguel Marí, Naturgy

DAVANTIS is delighted to collaborate with Naturgy on strategic security. Thanks to this teamwork, a comprehensive security system has been created, transforming it into a proactive tool for the early detection of intruders in Naturgy facilities.



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