12 Apr 2024

Security in universities with DFUSION

Security in universities with DFUSION

Security in universities and educational centers is a priority for management teams and facility supervisors, as they must ensure the protection of students and all personnel working there. To achieve this, it is essential to effectively manage perimeter and interior security. The goal is to prevent incidents and crimes that jeopardize safety, made possible by early detection of intruders.

These institutions have specific security needs. Therefore, many educational centers (primary schools, secondary schools, and universities) choose to redefine their surveillance policies and protocols to ensure maximum protection and reinforce monitoring areas. Discover how we tackle security challenges in universities with DFUSION!

Security in universities, a technological commitment

University campuses span vast areas where hundreds of students, faculty, and maintenance staff circulate. Protecting such facilities requires consideration of constant foot traffic and the need for a precise and active 24/7/365 video surveillance system. Technology is crucial in addressing security challenges in the education sector. Hence, our DFUSION video analysis technology becomes the best ally. DFUSION is a system capable of providing access to all CCTV camera images in real-time, facilitating the work of university control and surveillance center personnel.

Perimeter effectiveness and precision

Security demands in universities, as in other educational institutions, are clear: ensuring the protection of students, faculty, and facilities. Some priorities include:

  • Preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing the institution
  • Controlling selective access of authorized individuals to certain areas while restricting access to others
  • Maintaining 24/7 surveillance of facilities to prevent theft, illegal substance distribution, violence, aggression, or any other policy breaches
  • Monitoring potential vandalism within the university campus that may cause property damage
  • Detecting any signs of armed violence to anticipate potential incidents


Seguridad en Universidades con DFUSION


The best solution in perimeter security

DFUSION video analysis systems emerge as the best technological solution for early intruder detection, thus avoiding any dangerous situation. Our technology offers outstanding image analysis efficacy through its two detection engines and artificial intelligence-based algorithms. DFUSION provides broader coverage with less investment in physical equipment, replacing wiring and other surveillance elements. The ability to obtain real-time images to detect potential incidents results in cost savings and enables a more effective, precise, and proactive security system. This provides a competitive advantage for security personnel.

Our video analysis equipment integrates with any alarm management platform and all types of cameras. Thus, there is no need to replace existing equipment; we integrate with the hardware already in place. This ensures a robust and scalable security installation.

Choosing the best video analysis-based surveillance system for universities, schools, and the education sector is a critical decision. It involves the safety of students, staff, and various valuable assets. DFUSION guarantees total protection inside and outside educational premises. Do you have specific security needs for your school, university, or educational center? Try DFUSION for free on your premises!






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