03 Jan 2024

Agbar Group combats false alarms with DFUSION

Testiomonial Grupo Agbar

AGBAR has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of its security system by implementing DFUSION. Water supplies are of strategic importance, meaning that robust perimeter security measures are essential to protect against threats and intrusions from outside across all AGBAR locations. The security demands faced by AGBAR underscore the need for a video analytic system that ensures high precision in detecting intruders, even in low-visibility conditions and over long distances.

Challenging the norm: A substantial reduction in false alarms

The high rate of false alarms was a crucial issue to address. AGBAR’s facilities, which are considered critical infrastructure, posed a challenge in terms of security, where environmental adaptation and technological integration were key elements for achieving its goals. “Our central alarm receiver receives so many false alarms that we need to discriminate, so having a reliable system helps us to streamline and reduce them,” says Jordi Bonete, Physical Security Director at AGBAR Group.

DFUSION in Action: Efficiency and real-time precision in Agbar sites

DFUSION provides maximum efficiency and optimises alarm filtering and verification processes in real time. With our intelligent video analysis systems, the central alarm receiver no longer has to manage a high volume of false positives. Additionally, integrating DFUSION with cameras installed in AGBAR facilities has significantly enhanced performance and accuracy, transforming them into proactive CCTV systems. The system improves the quality and resolution of images obtained through video analytics, directly reducing false alarms. The combination of DFUSION with more traditional cameras means better alarm detection and filtering at competitive costs compared to other market options. 

Effective Collaboration: Designing and implementing a robust system

As a result of the collaboration between our technicians and AGBAR professionals, robust, scalable perimeter security systems have been designed and implemented. Our client now has an intelligent, effective surveillance system able to address the demands and security threats facing critical infrastructures. Implementing DFUSION has strengthened AGBAR’s position by enhancing security, ensuring continuity of supply, and the integrity of critical operations associated with water supply.


Since installing DFUSION, we have noticed an excellent reduction in false alarms

Jordi Bonete, Physical Security Director at Agbar Group
Vídeo Jordi Bonete



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