Vídeo Análisis en Industrias para Seguridad Perimetral
Vídeo Análisis en Industrias para Seguridad Perimetral


Integración CRAs, VMS y PSIM

CMS, VMS and PSIM integration

Máxima adaptación al entorno

An ideal solution for the surroundings

El riesgo de las no detecciones

Adapts to flows of people and vehicles

Perimeter Security for the industrial sector

With its factories, buildings and industrial sites, the industrial sector requires perimeter security systems to control people and vehicles and protect valuable property, equipment and goods. Industrial premises are at risk of theft, vandalism, sabotage and industrial espionage. The biggest challenge when designing a system is adapting to the dynamics of the industry by considering everything from irregular perimeters to drafting protocols to manage flows of incoming and outgoing people and vehicles.

Our video analytics systems are the solution of choice for highly complex environments, reducing the number of false alarms so common in these facilities caused by occlusions of stored materials, vehicle lights, cats, plants and trees, etc.

Case studies

Caso de Éxito Siemens
Caso Éxito FoodXervices
Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Amper
Vídeo Análisis en Bodega 4 Rayas
4 RayasWine Cellar
Caso de Éxito Grúas Sáez
Grúas SáezConstruction
Caso de Éxito Fábrica Milán
MilanOffice supplies
Caso de Éxito Heineken
HeinekenFood and beverages
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
Total integración

Total integration

Our video analytics systems integrate seamlessly with the full gamut of alarm management software programmes such as CMS, VMS, and PSIM, creating integrated security systems that include alarms and CCTV intruder evaluations.

Máxima adaptación

Maximum adaptation

The pace of work on these sites, where the influx of people and vehicles is constant, cannot be interrupted. That’s why our systems make it possible to create personalised entry and exit rules for highly efficient detection and reducing false alarms.



DFUSION allows you to adjust the zoom to cover all distances appropriately and avoid any error or negative impact on the accuracy of the perimeter protection.

Zonas mal iluminadas

Poor lighting

DFUSION has a virtual IR function that can virtually illuminate dark areas to improve intruder detection. The system processes images received from cameras, highlighting dark, difficult-to-see areas.

Sistema vídeo análisis para el sector industrial

A powerful, scalable system for the industrial sector

El vídeo análisis para instalaciones críticas

Powerful video analytics for critical sites

Vídeo Análisis Inteligente Perimetral Residencias

The most cost-effective four-channel solution for small sites