24 May 2022

New Sectors Section: Learn from our Success Cases!

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We have added a new section to our website! Finding specific information about each sector and relevant success cases just got quicker and easier. From residential buildings, industrial units, solar farms, schools, and colleges to all types of critical infrastructures (prisons, military bases, power plants); no two sites are alike, particularly when working with a wide variety of industries and sectors. That’s why we have created specific content for each sector, listing their specific perimeter security issues and needs.

Each section contains the security threats and challenges facing each industry, and the advantages of video analytics to ensure precision and efficiency in detecting intruders and objects in perimeter security. Visit our page on Sectors and Success Cases

We identify the main areas requiring attention and detail the benefits of using our intelligent video analytics systems to provide an effective response to each, adding value to the needs of each sector. We have also included a selection of real success stories with information about how our technological solutions are an excellent addition to any CCTV video surveillance system. 

Looking for a video analytics solution for your perimeter security projects? DAVANTIS has spent years managing security for companies in many sectors, providing maximum precision, detection, and fewer false alarms. Our video analytics systems are certified by international organisations [CPNI] that support their use in all types of critical infrastructures. 

Put us to the test! We adapt to all types of sites and sectors and are here to assist you in every phase of the project. 

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