Bodega 4 Rayas chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

DAVANTIS would like to share details of the recent implementation of our perimeter security solution in the wine production sector. In this case we are protecting Bodega 4 Rayas, an organisation that dates to 1935.

Bodega 4 Rayas is the largest bottled wine producer in the Rueda Designation of Origin. The nature of the business means that it needs protection from thieves and intruders who may endanger the production process. After analysing our client’s specific needs, we offered them the video analytics system best suited to the requirements of their facilities.

Case Study


The history of Bodega Cuatro Rayas dates to 1935 and spans 84 years of hard work and tradition that have made Cuatro Rayas a leading producer of Spanish white wine.

Cuatro Rayas is responsible for almost 20% of all wine bottled under the Rueda Designation of Origin, making it the largest of the DO, with an annual production of around 15 million bottles. Its white wines, particularly those of the Verdejo variety, are among the most popular in Spain and enjoy significant influence beyond our borders. They are available in more than 50 countries, including Japan, China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Holland and Mexico.

Cuatro Rayas is a wine producer certified to British Retail Consulting (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) standards, essential for selling in European markets. These certificates are evidence of this wine producer’s ability to uphold the highest quality standards in all stages of the wine-making process.

More than 15 million bottles of wine every year


Cuatro Rayas operates in modern facilities in two wineries in the heart of Verdejo country, La Seca in the province of Valladolid.

The main objective was to protect the facilities from thieves wanting to steal this precious product or sabotage the wine production process.

That’s why ALARCYL Security Systems performed a security audit and a detailed analysis of the wineries to implement DAVANTIS video analytics systems to the greatest possible effect.


Cuatro Rayas has entrusted its security to DAVANTIS video analytics systems.

This enables it to act quickly in case of a security threat, transforming the camera system into a truly proactive security system for swift action thanks to fast video verification.

A proactive security system that guarantees immediate action


A total of 24 cameras were installed with the Daview solution, combo equipment consisting of both S and LR channels compatible with all brands of camera on the market.

The system protects the entire perimeter of the wineries and traffic areas within, successfully covering all the customer’s needs.


Benefits for installers:

  • Advice based on the preliminary security analysis by DAVANTIS and an audit to make best use of the existing security system.
  • Technology compatible with any camera manufacturer, enabling the installer to find the manufacturer best suited to its general needs and requirements.

Benefits for end users:

  • Adaptable investment according to the size of the infrastructure requiring protection.
  • Connection to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for quick, efficient intervention in case of an alarm thanks to our Clickthu™ technology in control centres.
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